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We'll Handle Your Hazardous Trees

Schedule tree removal service in Grayson, Ashland, Greenup & Lawrence County, KY

Trees are beautiful to look at when they aren't endangering the safety of your home. Leaning, rotten and dead trees pose a threat to your home because they can cause a lot of damage if they fall. Before a tree ruins your property, hire Gilbert Tree Service to take care of it. Our tree removal service covers any tree that's a potential threat to your property. We'll assess the condition of your trees to determine which ones should be removed.

We're dedicated to keeping you safe in your home. Call 606-315-0891 now to schedule tree removal service in Grayson, Ashland, Greenup & Lawrence County, KY.

Prepare your property for a new structure

If you own acres of land, it's probably covered in bushes, trees and debris. When you want to utilize more space on your property, schedule a land clearing appointment. We'll remove all trees and debris to reveal a plot of land that's ready for construction. During the land clearing process, you can expect our team to:

  • Use high-quality equipment to remove trees safely
  • Remove all trees and bushes within a designated area
  • Clean up all the debris once we've finished the job

We can also clear trees off commercial properties. Contact our team today to schedule an appointment in Grayson, Ashland, Greenup & Lawrence County, KY.

Leave tree removal to the experts

There's a tree in your yard that you need to get rid of, and you're contemplating cutting it down yourself. That would be a mistake. It takes a skilled hand to perform tree removal correctly.

Turn to our tree company for tree removal in Grayson, Ashland, Greenup & Lawrence County, KY because we can:

  • Remove your tree without damaging the surrounding property
  • Help you avoid injuring yourself attempting a DIY tree removal
  • Dispose of the tree properly


Don't take the risk of cutting a tree down yourself. Call our tree company now to schedule an appointment.