land clearing grayson ky

Transform Your Land Into a Usable Lot with Our Land Clearing Services in Grayson, Ashland, Greenup & Lawrence County, KY

Does your lawn look overcrowded and overwhelming? Is your yard plagued by tons of trees and brush? Do you need to prepare your land for construction? A reliable land clearing company can help you take care of your property problems.

Gilbert Tree Service has been Grayson, Ashland, Greenup & Lawrence County, KY's most trusted land clearing professionals for over 16 years. We perform a variety of clearing services, including:

  • Bush clearing
  • Tree clearing
  • Branch and trimmings clearing
  • Wood and debris clearing

Whether you're planning a construction project or need your yard cleared out, we'll take care of it for you. Call 606-315-0891 today to schedule land or bush clearing service today.

3 benefits of scheduling professional land clearing services

No matter why you need land clearing service, you can trust us to provide the full benefits. There are many benefits to land and bush clearing. These services can help you:

  1. Protect your land from invasive growth. Letting plants become overgrown can call for more aggressive land clearing down the road, so it's best to schedule services early.
  2. Increase the natural diversity and health of your yard. Clearing invasive and threatening growth and brush supports the growth of natural, healthy plant life in your yard.
  3. Prepare your property for development. Properly clearing your land prepares it for any type of residential or commercial development.


Ready to get started on your next construction project? Speak to one of our land and bush clearing professionals in Grayson, Ashland, Greenup & Lawrence County, KY now.