No Tree Is Too Big for Us to Handle

You can count on our tree company in Grayson, Ashland, Greenup & Lawrence County, KY for tree service

Tree removal can be tricky if you don't have the right expertise or equipment. Gilbert Tree Service has been removing hazardous trees from properties in Grayson, Ashland, Greenup & Lawrence County, KY for over 16 years. Our tree removal service covers trees of all sizes. If you suspect a tree is too close to your yard or leaning towards your home, call 832-288-4023 to schedule tree removal or other tree services right away. Our team is here to keep you safe in your home.

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Tree Removal

Schedule a tree removal before a falling tree severely damages your property.

Tree Trimming

Tree Trimming

Our tree trimming service will keep your yard looking crisp and fresh.

Brush Clearing

Brush Clearing

Hire us to remove all the bushes, shrubs and brush from your lawn.

Shrubbery Work

Shrubbery Work

Symmetrical shrub trimming is one of our specialties.

Benefits of proactive tree removal

You don't realize how large a tree is until it comes down in your driveway or on your house. By paying attention to trees on your property that look like they could be problematic, you can avoid a lot of frustration down the road. By scheduling tree service, you're hiring our team to:

Assess the current condition of the trees on your property
Remove any potentially hazardous trees in and around your yard
Clear all the wood and debris (unless you want us to leave it on your property)

If you see any trees that are leaning, moldy or within 100 feet of your home, turn to our tree company. We'll take care of the trees before they cause any catastrophic damage. Call us today for proactive tree removal in the Grayson, Ashland, Greenup & Lawrence County, KY area 832-288-4023.

Our services

On top of our tree removal work, we offer a wide range of tree clearing and trimming services. Our tree company will keep your yard looking organized and orderly. If you need... our tree company. We'll keep your yard in tiptop shape. We also offer brush clearing and shrub trimming.